London's Cheapest Nights Out!

American college life is not all books, studying and glee clubs, in fact it really isn't any of the above... it’s about your frat brothers and sorority sisters, chugging beer through beer bongs, red SOLO cups, hooking up with the hottest people and going to all of the Frat parties that your parents told you not to attend!

Now guess what?? Frat Party is bringing all of those things you have seen at the movies about college life right here to Central London

Wednesday we go old skool, with Wreck’d @ Ruby’s, with DJ’s dropping classic hip-hop and R&B tracks all night at Ruby Blue in Leicester Square, the DJ’s won’t be the only ones dropping bombs with £2.50 Jagerbombs all night, you are gonna have to check yo’self before you wreck’d yo’self

Friday Night’s Frat Night! A massive 50% off all drinks makes Frat Friday the cheapest Friday night in London! Throw into the mix the longest beer bong this side of NYC, beer pong tournaments and the room bouncing to huge party choons – this is THE party to be at!

All that's left to say is, CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG







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